I Love When

My toddler takes my half-baked life explanations at total face value.

When driving past some sprawling roadwork along the highway that’s been going on for months (huge mounds of dirt, weeds growing out of manmade mini mountains), Charlie pointed out the window, and said, “Look mum – a pond!”

I looked at the glorified puddle amidst the dumptrucks and excavators.

“It’s for ducks,” Charlie confidently informed me.

“Oh yeah, bud?”

“And for boats.”


I had drawn a shitty picture of a pond the other day with some ducks in it, and my super scientific explanation that “ducks like ponds” must’ve convinced Charlie that all bodies of water are made specifically with ducks and their comfort in mind. Oh, and for boats.

.what kids say

Charlie the fact-hoarder.



Sara Petersen

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