Sara Petersen

I am a bookworm, a lover of all things beautiful and curious and fun, and a total perfectionist when it comes to writing clear, relatable, REAL prose. I am obsessive about searching the depths of the Internet for the most perfect of all French butter crocks. I am ever-intrigued about how life, love, and relationship continue to shift and morph in my thirties

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  • Terri Fisher

    This is an absolutely wonderful article Sara. I too was a late bloomer and at 15 was still waiting for the “puberty fairy”.” to visit. Everything you describe about youself at that age — the awkwardness of remaining silent when friiends launched into discussions about their periods, the desparate desire for breasts and the other signs of puberty to start appearing, the feeling of hopelessness that puberty might never start happening – applied to me as well And like you, I was much too embarrassed to talk about these things with my mother much less my friends . I have two children of own now, a 15 and 14 year old Your essay Sara is a great reminde r of everyone’s need to be able to confide in someone they trust implicitly without fear of judgment or ridicule Our children are the last we should let down in that regard Thank you so much.

    September 3, 2016 at 3:19 pm

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