Neutrons Protons – “Swan Song of a Glowing Pregnant Goddess”

I still cringe when I remember my sanctimonious pregnant self. The blissful ignorance, the total confidence in books and their ability to solve baby problems, the rock solid belief that attachment parenting was the be-all end-all way to raise kids. This is a barely exaggerated portrait of me pregnant and glowing in Neutrons Protons.

And can we please talk about how much I love the pregnant cat illustration (by the super talented Sophie Lucido Johnson)? I mean, damn, that cat is seriously glowing.


pregnant cat

Sara Petersen

I am a bookworm, a lover of all things beautiful and curious and fun, and a total perfectionist when it comes to writing clear, relatable, REAL prose. I am obsessive about searching the depths of the Internet for the most perfect of all French butter crocks. I am ever-intrigued about how life, love, and relationship continue to shift and morph in my thirties

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