Catapult Magazine -“I Hate Shopping (and Shops are the Problem)”

I survived cyber Monday with my dignity largely intact, but that has less to do with my powers of self control and more to do with the fact that my family opted to do Secret Santa this year, thus cutting my shopping list to a fraction of its usual size. This piece was published a few weeks ago, and my feelings about consumerism are still in flux. I still chase shopping highs and I still quiet shopping regrets with promises to myself that this is the last time I’ll buy a bunch of cute shit I don’t need.


Sara Petersen

I am a bookworm, a lover of all things beautiful and curious and fun, and a total perfectionist when it comes to writing clear, relatable, REAL prose. I am obsessive about searching the depths of the Internet for the most perfect of all French butter crocks. I am ever-intrigued about how life, love, and relationship continue to shift and morph in my thirties

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